Final Project Option 4 Music Business 
 Design Your Own 
Compose with the Launchpad
Mixing & Mastering

Select one career in the Music Industry to focus on. 


Podcast - 20-30 minutes


What to include in your project:
Overview of the career
History of the career

How has the career changed over the years
How has technology influenced the career


Famous people in the field



Create a 30 minute podcast of your choice
Must include intro, body, drops and outro


You have the opportunity to design your own final project. 

Topic has to be Music Technology, Audio Engineering, Music Production or Music Business releated 
Final Project must be approved by Mr. S before starting 


Music Technology II Final Project 

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Create a 5 minute song using Amplify Studio and the Launchpad 

Using song files from this website (click here) download ONE song to go through mix and master.  All tracks provided are unmixed and unmastered.