Select a picture(s) or video(s) to use for your project
15 tracks or more
2 minutes or longer

2 Audio Effects or more
Must show volume, pan & sweep automation 
Use the Sampler for ONE sound effect or sample
Export music into Canva to create a Video project  

Ambient Music (Music for Studying) is a style of gentle, largely electronic instrumental music with no persistent beat, used to create or enhance a mood or atmosphere.

Music Technology I Final Project 

You will create a 30 minute (or longer) podcast. 

Topic has to be original and not talked about on any other projects this semester

You can have others on your podcast but you must submit your own podcast assignment 
Original Script Intro and Outro WITH music underneath both created by you

Narration must be recorded clearly. No swearing or inappropriate language of any kind. 
You will receive a ZERO if there is swearing and/or inappropriate language in your podcast 
Must have audio drops AND/OR an original commercial you create

When recording check levels BEFORE recording - Turn off REVERB!

Record in small segments
Plan out your script!  Word for Word or Bullet Points, whatever works best for you. 
Plan what drops you want to use and/or add to your podcast.  

Click the Translate button to translate this website 

You only have to select ONE of the final project options listed below.  

Music and Art Final Project 

Artwork can be a picture, painting, sculpture, etc.  Topic of the Artwork is your choice. 
Music must enhance and/or reflect the artwork you selected. 

15 Loops or more 
Sound Effects are not included in the 15 Loops.
Volume Changes Pan Changes
Must be at least 2:00 (2 minutes) in length.


Think about the artwork you selected. What is happening?  What happened before and/or after?
What do you hear when you look at your artwork?  

Must write a 1-2 page paper that includes the following: Information about the Painting, sculpture, etc. Why did you select this specific piece of Art. How does the music you created reflect your Art


Both MP3 and paper (Google Docs) must be labeled as Final Project and your initials. 

Step One
Write an original 10-12 paragraph story 2-3 minutes OR 3-5 minute movie scene OR 10-12 paragraphs of a short story

Step Two
Finding Words Go through your story/poem and make a list of words that you will need to find sound effects for. Which words would you enhance with sound effects?

Step Three
Finding Sound Effects Garageband ,, Youtube

Step Four
“Telling the Story” Using the sound effects you found for your story/poem “Tell” your story.
Sound effects must be placed in Garageband in the order found in your story.
Leave space in between each sound effect to enhance the telling of the story

Step Five – Music Create music that will enhance your story. 15 Music Loops or more.
Sound Effects are not included in the loop count. They are extra.
Length of file - 2:00 or more
Save File as FINAL PROJECT STORY and Your Initials​


You will create a song using just your voice! 









Length:  2 minutes or longer
Audio Effects: must add EQ and Reverb to every track, other audio effects are optional

Run Vocal Cleanup to EVERY track after you record

You must do the following 
1. Use time stretch to manipulate one of your vocal tracks
2. Use the sampler to manipulate one of your vocal tracks
3. Run Vocal Cleanup on EVERY track


Step One - DRUMS
Drums will be 3 separate tracks or more
Drums must consist of Kick (Bass), Snare and hi-hat cymbals. 
You can add others as well
Drums- simple and in time
Add EQ and Reverb AFTER you record

Run Vocal Cleanup after each recording


Step Two - BASS
Bass is one track
Add EQ and Reverb AFTER you record

Run Vocal Cleanup after each recording


Step Three - Melody
Melody can be one or more tracks
Add EQ and Reverb AFTER you record

Run Vocal Cleanup after each recording


Listen to examples, practice and have fun! 


For this assignment you must use Garageband. Soundtrap does not allow videos. 

1. Select a video game scene 3-5 minutes of your choice. It MUST be approved by Mr. S before starting 
2. Make a list of sound effects you will need. 
3. Sound Effects can use found in Garageband, or Youtube.

4 Music must be loops or recorded from the keyboard.  NO mp3's will be accepted

5.Music must be at least 15 tracks. - Sound effects are not included in the music track count
6 Must show volume, pan and sweep in the project. 

Sound Effects must be in time and match the action on the screen
Music must enhance the mood of the movie.  


Final Project will count as your final grade for Q2 AND your Exam Grade. 
Yes, one assignment, two grades!

Final Projects are due on or before your exam period.NO EXCEPTIONS

Period 4 Thursday, January 18, 2024 12:00pm - 5 CLASSES LEFT
Period 5, Friday, January 19, 2024  9:40pm - 4 CLASSES LEFT
Period 6, Friday January 19, 2024 12:00pm - 4 CLASSES LEFT

You will create a Canva presentation on the History of Recorded Media.
This will include all devices and media formats from 1877 Wax Cylinder through and including present day streaming Internet Audio 

Devices that must be included 

  • Phonographic Cylinder
  • Piano Roll 
  • Vinyl Record
  • Reel to Reel 
  • 8-Track Cassette
  • Compact Cassette
  • Compact Disc CD
  • Ipod
  • Cell Phones
  • Streaming Audio


Topics to incude

  • How did each device change how we listen to music?
  • What cultural aspects were affected by each device?
  • How was each device used?  Car, Home, Personal, etc.
  • How was the music industry/musicians affected by each device?
  • Historical Signifcance of each device. 
  • Pros and Cons of each device


Criteria for Final Project 

50 slides or more OR a website - see Mr. S for criteria
Must include pictures - but the picture(s) can't be the only aspect of the slide.  
Must include Videos - but the video(s) can't be the only aspect of the slide
Thing about overall design of presentation. Colors, transitions & how information is presented. 


Don't like any of the options above?  Design your own Final Project!

Design your own Final Project - Must be related to music technology or uses music technology

Meet with me to discuss and approve your final project. 


For this project you will create a Canva presentation or website about Sampling


Topics to Include but not limited to
History of Sampling
Important people in the development of Sampling
Technology used for Sampling
Is it good or bad for the music industry?
Copyright laws with Sampling
Public Domain? How is this used in Sampling? 

30 Slides or more
Must include audio/video examples of sampling and historical figures