Sound Systems

What is the purpose of a Sound System?

The purpose of a Sound System is to reinforce the sound.  The sound system does not create the sound it just reinforces the signals passing through.

Parts of a Sound System
Why are we learning about Sound Systems?

The principles and parts of a sound system can be found in Garageband (Music Technology I) and Logic Pro X (Music Technology II). 

Sound System Defintions

Mixer - Central location of the sound system


Channel Strip - All you need to know is one because the rest are all the same




Gain -Individual channel volume



Pan - moves the sound left, right or center


Equalization EQ - Changes the frequencies of the sound 


Monitors - speakers that face the performer

Time Based Effects - Effects that change the length of the signal


Gain Based Effects- Effects make the signal louder or softer

Mains - speakers that face the audience

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