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In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology,


Sound Effects Story

THS Alumni that found their passion after taking Music Technology

Sound Effects Story 

Story - 6-8 paragraphs long, Poem, Movie Scene 3 minutes
Music - at least 10 tracks 3 of the 10 must be recorded by you. No prerecorded songs. 
Length: 1:00/2:00 minutes long for a story, poem,   3 minutes for a movie scene. 

Step One – Finding a Story
Option 1 – You can find a story/poem/movie scene 3 minutes, material from English class, etc.

Option 2 – You can write your own story.

Step Two – Finding Words

Go through your story/poem/movie scene and make a list of words that you will need to find sound effects for.
For example:
As the storm was howling I drove down the road as fast as I could.
The sound of the storm was like a freight train in the night.

Which words would you enhance with sound effects?

Step Three – Finding Sound Effects

1. In Soundtrap find the FX sounds.
2. Soundbible.com

Step Four – “Telling the Story”
Using the sound effects  “Tell” your story. Sound effects must be placed in Soundtrap in the order found in your story. Leave space in between each sound effect to enhance the telling of the story.

Step Five – Music

Using the loops in Soundtrap create music that will enhance your story. NO PRE-RECORDED MUSIC
What kind of music would you create for a horror story? SCI FI?, etc The music is to enhance the story and not overpower.

Assignment Timeline

November 16 - Story selected & Soundtrap file as been created.  You have also invited Mr. S into your file
November 19 - Sound Effects have been uploaded to Soundtrap file
November 23 - Music (loops) have been addded to file
November 30 - Sound Effects Story is due