"Rebecca LaBrecque ought to be remembered for displaying the kind of fearless temperament to which twentieth century music responds so well" - High Fidelity/Musical America 1979

Miss La Brecque's manner with all this music was involed and involing. Her recital of recent American piano music showed how persuasive and engrossing a concert of unfamiliar new music can be when it is devised with sensitivity and performed with commitment... If I were a composer of piano music, I would be already trying to persuade Miss La Brecque to include my work in her next recital; such open minded, accomplished advocacy of new music is rare indeed." - The New Yorker  

Rebecca LaBrecque - Modern Pianist 

Rebecca was born April 28, 1950.  She grew up on Prospect Street in Torrington, Connecticut and attended Torrington High School.  She graduated in 1968 and attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. 

As an adolescent, she was taugh to play piano by Mrs. Buchanholtz, a Torrington piano instructor, who eventually informed Rebecca's mother that although she was an accomplished pianistr herself, there wasn't more she could teach Rebecca becasue amazingly she'd learned it all at a young age. 

Rebecca was jovial and had a great sense of humor and many friends. 

After attending the New England Conservatory, Rebecca moved to New York City to live. One of her prized possessions was her beautiful Boston made 1917 Mason Hamlin grand piano which she kept for her whole life.  She become famous for combining piano and synthesizer which she was honored for in Keynote Magazine. 

Rebecca performed in foreign countries as well as the United States and became famous worldwide as a concert pianist. 

While at Torrington High School , then music director David Wheeler always encouraged Rebecca's dream and was proud of her accomplishments throughout her life.  

Rebecca passed away in early January 1996 at the age of 45. 

Sandra Parsons, Sister