FIlm 2

Introduction to Movie Music

Find your favorite movie scene.  Watch and listen to it. 
What do you hear? - What is the music telling you?
Musical Elements that produce tension

1. Repetition – of almost anything
2. Jagged Articulations
3. Dramatic Devices
4. Increased Volume
5. Wide Intervals – especially ascending
6. Non- Chord Tones
7. Dissonant Harmony
8. Ascending Lines
9. Extreme Register of Instruments
10. Alternating Directions


Musical Elements that produce Relaxation
1. Decreased volume
2. Notes of longer duration
3. Smoothness in articulation
4. Silence
5. Descending lines
6. Rest or Space
7. Emphasis on chord tones
8. Consonant Harmony
What is Movie Music

Music Movie (Film Scoring) consists of small segments of music that changes with the movie scene.

"Music tells us what to feel in a movie"

What is the music telling you in this scene?
What instruments are used?
What elements of tension & relaxation are used?
What is the music telling you? 
How important is music in a movie? 

Music is the soul of a movie